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If you want to have a top ranking in the search engines, then qualitative backlinks are required for this. Backlinks are considered a kind of recommendation and are therefore still a large component of the ranking factors. Google as the industry leader, but also Bing and various other search engines, use backlinks as an indicator for a high ranking. SEO Galaxy helps you to get quality content links and forum links. At SEO Galaxy you can easily do "wish link building" with high quality backlinks using our platform and buy them. If you are interested in a full service, please book a consultation.

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Backlinks are ranking factor for the search engine

Links from other websites have always been a ranking factor, because no one is linked without a reason. A daily newspaper, for example, would also only link content that is morally acceptable. This chain of conclusions can also be understood by a search engine and evaluates backlinks positively accordingly. However, the prerequisite for this is that these backlinks are of high quality.

Budgets should be invested in quality backlinks. But which industries need to invest in link building? Our daily work shows: All industries worldwide invest in link building. Especially in competitive industries with money keywords, a TOP 3 ranking is not possible without backlinks. Accordingly, link profiles must be optimized and high-quality backlinks must be built.

Links that have been set in the past should be checked and, if necessary, even devalued if they are demonstrably detrimental to the backlink profile. Other links, which may also have been set by the competition, should be replicated. This can then be used as a basis for further development - with a clear strategy and visible success.

How is ranking in the top positions possible with backlinks?

Search engine visibility is one of the most effective marketing channels in today's century. Through active searching, potential customers find their desired product and get to know your brand. As a result, every time you search, you get an impression with future buyers.

Depending on the market and search behavior, your target group must come across the name a few times so that the user buys something from you. Backlinks and editorially written articles on "foreign" websites bring direct traffic to your website and send positive signals to Google.

Your brand awareness will increase, you will get more traffic, your Google rankings will rise and finally you will generate more revenue. However, you cannot achieve such results with a single backlink, because link building is a marathon, not a sprint.

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  • How to buy a backlink?

Buying backlinks is ubiquitous, even on classified ad portals link sellers can be found. Unfortunately, this also results in many bad investments. Therefore, every medium or large company needs an experienced link building agency, which both takes over the evaluation and carries out the link building itself.

At the same time, we also have an extensive portfolio with over 25,000 link sources, so that the research for link sources and the subsequent testing is completely unnecessary. A time saving from which companies benefit. According to the motto: You concentrate on the sales of your company, we take care of the rest.

FAQ - The most important questions to buy backlinks

Is it still worth buying backlinks?

Yes, backlinks still haven't lost their relevance - on the contrary, it's even more important than ever since the latest Google updates. Backlinks not only provide a better ranking, but also organic traffic from the website, a high authority of your own website and are an excellent marketing method.

How big does a link campaign need to be?

A link campaign can be started at your own discretion and should also be based on the size of the industry and the link profile of your competitors. This can be amounts in the 3-digit range, but also in the 4- or 5-digit range. To answer this question, it is best to arrange a consultation.

At what price is a link high quality?

Basically, it should be said that a high-quality link is not based on a price. The factors in this area are maximum topic relevance, strong SEO metrics, a good Google ranking and, if possible, as few outbound backlinks as possible from this domain. Then a backlink unfolds maximum power. In terms of price, you can find links with strong SEO values and a good price-performance ratio from 400 € per backlink.

At what point do I see success?

You rarely see direct success after building backlinks. Experience shows that you will get the first significant ranking improvements and visibility increase after 4-6 weeks. Depending on the industry, competition and search volume, this may take longer.

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