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SEO Galaxy is your new link building agency, because we have one of the largest portfolios in Europe for link building. Backlinks are still an important criterion for Google, Bing and other search engines to determine the ranking. This is not only confirmed by the search engines themselves, but we also experience this daily within our activity.

What does a link building agency do?

An important discipline in online marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). The website should be placed as high as possible in relevant search queries, in search engines, so that thereby more visitors and more sales are achieved. With a top 5 ranking, one's website gets more traffic, which translates into more inquiries and more sales.

As a link building agency, we first perform an extensive analysis of the previously performed OnPage SEO as well as OffPage SEO optimization and take over the research work with our personal expertise - in combination with market-leading SEO tools. We evaluate in relation to this, suitable link sources, analyze anchor texts and previously implemented measures of competitors, and check the relationship between the individual link types.

Through this we collect all the necessary information and then develop an individual strategy, whereby we specifically build the most effective and best backlinks for each customer. There is no lack of choice at SEO Galaxy, because we have a constantly growing portfolio of backlinks.

However, a backlink is not set "just like that", but with high-quality content. These texts are written by our experienced editorial team, which knows exactly what is important in the SEO text creation. The texts should not only please Google and the search engines, but also the visitors of the websites, so that traffic is really generated.

What is the cooperation with an agency for backlinks like?

At the beginning of the cooperation, we ask what goals are to be achieved and what budget is available for OffPage SEO. Subsequently, the website and the link profile are analyzed. We evaluate which subpages are expandable, how strong or weak the current link profile is and then create an action plan.

Through the budget we also have a starting point regarding how we can implement a subsequent strategy. It is generally recommended - as with any other marketing channel - to use this budget on a monthly basis. Link building is always a marathon and never a sprint.

Preise für die Leistungen einer Linkaufbau Agentur

The prices for services of a link building agency vary, of course. There is, due to many factors, accordingly no blanket answer to this. If you want to achieve your goals in online marketing, then you should simply contact us. This way, we can provide you with a completely individual offer with regard to your current situation. You will receive concrete proposals from us with the respective prices. We will only start with the service, if all prices are visible and transparent for you.

Furthermore, the costs for a link building agency are also to be considered as an investment, since your website will profit permanently from this work. Not only do you gain new visitors to your website, but you also gain authority and brand awareness. Everyone who is interested in certain products or services will read your name.

Thus, with the help of the investment in your visibility, the foundation of your brand awareness is laid. Of course, there are other measures that can be taken to achieve this. Especially with regard to professional press releases.

Good to know

At SEO Galaxy there are no long contracts or other liabilities. You can order the links via our platform according to your needs. It is of course possible to see the prices and domains before ordering. There is no minimum budget as a whole. However, if you invest in a high-quality link, you should plan a budget of at least 200 € per backlink.
As a rule, you should stay away from offers around 30-100 €, as they often do more harm than good to your website.

Why a link building agency can help with new customer acquisition

In marketing, there is a wide range of methods to generate new customers. Normally, a customer searches for a suitable product or is indirectly directed to the product. But in order for the customer to come to your website, you need optimal rankings in the search engine results.

A backlink agency can help in this case. It will ensure that your domain receives new backlinks, which, with the help of the optimal strategy, also result in increasing rankings. This is accompanied by valuable traffic. So that users then in turn buy, the website should be optimized for conversion. We are happy to advise you on conversion optimization!

Link building affects the success of the company

By hiring a backlink agency, you will accordingly also gain higher visibility, which in the long run will also have an effect on the company's success. The development within the last years has shown that Google and search engines belong to the everyday life of people. Nearly 85% of all searches are made with the search engine Google.

It would be a pity if you do not rank with your company with your niche keywords and money keywords, because this would automatically mean that you leave this field, and therefore your possible profit, to the competition.

Findability in Google search is essential, especially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where Google is the absolute market leader. Accordingly, Google should enjoy a high priority when it comes to expanding your own online marketing strategy. Even a budget starting at 1,000 euros per month can significantly boost both visibility and sales.

You have the option of outsourcing this activity to an agency.

This is also recommended, as an expert from SEO Galaxy will evaluate your link profiles, take care of your link planning and ensure the growth of your website. Subsequently, further individual measures will be taken so that your link building campaign delivers optimal results. If you are interested in further building your business, then you should inquire now without obligation.

Outsource link building in a few steps

Link building, like other services in marketing, is a "make or buy" decision. If the make option is chosen, then the implementation must be done autonomously. The basis for this is that free capacities are available for the implementation. Of course, know-how is also required. This can be acquired through targeted further training with an external provider, or by hiring an expert employee.

However, it is not so easy to check the competencies of an employee in this regard. After all, the recruiter is from a completely different field and may also not understand anything about SEO relevant terminology. But it is important that exactly this knowledge is queried. If only because the knowledge regarding search engine optimization could be outdated.
Theoretical knowledge is not enough, because "real" experience is created through practice.

As you can see, link building is a difficult and complex subject, which means that the risk of failure is unfortunately high. The lesson learned is also not insignificant, since mistakes in link building are difficult to undo.

With the buy option, however, you don't have to worry. You can check the competence of an OffPage SEO agency already on the phone or in correspondence. Because your gut feeling will already show you whether the contact person has any idea of what he is telling you about. Alternatively, you can also ask questions regarding the Google algorithm, which also allows you to test the expertise.

Within the cooperation framework parameters are created: Budget, duration, goals and quality of links. The work itself is then done by the experts. Accordingly, no additional time will be required in the day-to-day business. For this reason link building outsourcing makes sense and is financially profitable - especially with SEO Galaxy, one of the leading link building agencies in Germany.

But apart from that, why does this still make sense? It is because a linkbuilding agency has the current and required knowledge, as well as uses all the necessary Google SEO tools. But especially the experience is why an agency like SEO Galaxy should be engaged.

As an entrepreneur, you can continue to focus on your own business, while SEO Galaxy ensures more visibility for your website. For this to happen, feel free to contact us for full service link building. We will explain to you individually for your case, how we proceed in a cooperation, what results our customers achieve and what goals we set together based on the initial analysis of your project.

Sustainable link building as a foundation

Our service is not about building arbitrary links. The goal is to place effective links that will benefit your website in the future. As mentioned at the beginning, we use our extensive portfolio, which has link sources from all subject areas. Our portfolio includes not only blogs, but also respected magazines and corporate websites of established medium-sized companies. Topic-relevant backlinks have never been so easy to obtain.

As a competent link building agency, we have made it our goal to not only set many and high quality backlinks, but also to publish high quality texts that will put your website in a positive light. And that without a promotional character of the texts.

How the texts are created and which backlinks are set for your web project depends on the respective link profile, the analysis of the competition and the agreed goals. You will be able to confirm the backlinks suggested by us in advance - thus we enable a high degree of transparency towards our customers.

Consideration of future Google updates

Some of yesterday's rules may no longer apply tomorrow. Accordingly, it is important for us as an agency that any changes in the search algorithm are recognized early and strategies are set up long-term and organically. A good link building strategy is not characterized by the fastest possible results, but by long-term, brand awareness increase and consistency. This way we avoid Google updates hitting our clients and provide security and predictability.

In this context, it should also be emphasized that we only have qualitative websites with real visitors in our portfolio. We do not use spammy websites or link farms, because that would be anything but sustainable. In addition, we always maintain good and long-standing relationships with the individual editorial offices, so that we receive article places preferentially (and exclusively).

What investment is necessary for a full service by SEO Galaxy?

A budget is generally required for link building. However, how much budget should be planned depends entirely on the status quo, the goals and the market situation. In a conversation we can explain the goals together and analyze the website. Then you will receive an offer from us.

However, our experience shows that there should be a budget of at least 2,000 Euros per month (for national and international projects). If you have experience in the field of SEO and link building, then you can of course also specify a budget per project without any problems. We will work out exact measures and keep you up to date with our monitoring service, so that you can track the success of your backlinks.

Cost-benefit ratio for backlinks

When developing an individual strategy, not only the measures themselves are considered, but also the cost factor has a high importance for us. The costs already start with the creation of content, which is then published on the respective websites.

For this purpose, we have built up our own editorial team, the majority of whom have worked for established media houses or have built up successful websites themselves in the past. It is important to us that our articles are as qualitative as possible and at the same time are found on Google. Through good rankings of the articles on Google, our customers receive a higher click-through rate, more traffic as well as linkjuice.

Link sources are categorized by SEO metrics, this evaluation is also done in-house and serves as a kind of quality assurance. So it is possible for us to filter link sources according to the most important SEO metrics and to select them appropriately for our full service customers. Likewise, various SEO metrics are also displayed on our backlink platform.

Building backlinks for online stores

Online stores don't have it particularly easy in online marketing because, after all, they are also competing with strong competitors in terms of products and product categories. The marketing, the content and the service must be excellent in order to be successful in the long term.

The basis for success here is also good rankings in the search engines to get traffic. However, since the prospective customer is already searching for certain products, there is a high probability that he will also become a customer. For this reason, good findability in search results is very important for online stores. Our services for online stores refer to the fact that we also massively increase the online visibility here through link building.

David Hahn, Geschäftsführer der Linkbuilding Agentur SEO Galaxy sitzend auf einer Treppe

Managing Director David Hahn:

"To further expand the success of your business and have maximum time savings, hiring a professional link building agency is definitely worth the investment."

Link building for self-employed

With self-employment, there are all kinds of challenges to overcome, but it's not that easy. Everyday life is very stressful with a trade, because the daily business demands a lot. This often causes one to become a generalist instead of a specialist. The acquisition of new customers is difficult, because a lot of time must be planned for know-how and implementation, which one unfortunately often does not have.

Our agency for link building has increasingly worked with self-employed people in recent years and thus also learned which exact adjusting screws have to be moved in order to achieve good rankings in Google.

In a free initial consultation we can take a closer look at your website and give you tips on how you can optimize your website and how we can improve your search engine rankings with link building.

In our portfolio we have several thousand magazines, blogs, news sites and forums. We also have a top selection of premium links whose sources will also increase your brand awareness. We cover everything to make you even more successful in your self-employment.

With the help of professional link building, succeeds not only the acquisition of new customers, but also the increase of awareness of the company in general.

Link building for startups

We at SEO Galaxy also have an impressive offer for startups, where we can even promote new products or services with our methods and strategies. Working with startups is a challenge every time, but one that we really enjoy!

The ultimate goal is usually to achieve fast results in organic search results, which should last in the long term.
Speed and link building is hard to combine - but with long term strategies, very good OnPage optimization and a lot of content this is also possible.

It is important not to be too aggressive with link building because of the mostly new domain. Many mistakes can happen in this area and exactly for this reason it makes sense to hire a link building agency - for maximum performance and security of your own web project.

Backlink agency for service providers

At SEO Galaxy we look after many service providers - classically also "normal" SEO agencies. Here, especially the services must be presented excellently. The website is an important marketing tool and for many service providers even the backbone of the company. In order to acquire new customers on a regular basis, good rankings in search engines are a must and so is link building.

As a backlink agency for service providers we can help!

In the foreground are analyses of the already existing market, the analysis of the own link profile and also OnPage optimizations, which should be made, so that our linkbuilding campaigns can perform optimally.

In the case of service providers, the search terms usually refer to problems, solutions and services. However, which of these could be the most lucrative must be clarified beforehand via research and a detailed discussion. This is the only way to achieve excellent results with a clear conscience.

Fallstudie eines Kundenprojekts von der Backlink Agentur SEO Galaxy

Here you can see our daily work as a link building agency for a client in the health sector. The green line shows the number of backlinks or referring domains, the blue line the organic traffic - and we are far from finished. Regular orders, increased sales and more visitors are the result! Period: 6 months

Link building for B2B companies

Companies that sell products or services predominantly to other companies (business to business) always have special requirements in terms of marketing. Customers are reached within a professional context and usually not through emotional sales arguments.

In link building, this special requirement is also taken into account, because the focus is on appropriate effectiveness. There is also the possibility that backlinks are set in B2B portals. Thus, the link is presented within an effective environment.

In our portfolio we lead specialized B2B portals, business magazines and the websites of various companies and entrepreneurs.

Link building for B2C companies

Your products or services are aimed at end customers? The marketing must therefore be tailored to this requirement. So it makes little sense to put your B2C offer on the B2B magazine mentioned earlier. This is far from the target group and not helpful from various aspects.

Business to customer companies are all about selling services or products through emotions. When building backlinks, we therefore have to make sure that the right topics are addressed and that the link is set in the appropriate context. In addition, the already mentioned environment is also important! Thus we have in the portfolio both portals and magazines, which are optimally suited for the consumer environment.

Among other things, we lead the industries thus over 28 different categories of websites in our portfolio.

Texts that convince permanently!

At SEO Galaxy, we focus on ensuring that backlinks are placed in texts that provide added value and have the potential to be shared on social media. Content marketing measures of this kind we assume as a basis for this activity.

Within the elaboration of texts we make sure that good structures, a WDF*IDF analysis as well as a keyword research are included in the creation of our texts. Thus, we can provide our customers with maximum added value, because our published articles should not only refer to the target URLs, but also bring traffic.

An insurance broker would get texts for ideal links, which refer to which insurances are useful or why insurances are becoming more and more important in today's world. There are different topics, which can be taken up. As a customer, you do not have to worry about which topics are covered. Our editorial team not only works out texts, but also topics.

The following services are implemented by our editorial team:

Create text themes that match the website

Meaningful placement of links within the text

Creation of texts with at least 500 words

Text elaboration without advertising character

How can a reputable link building agency be recognized?

It's no secret that there are countless link building agencies out there. As an entrepreneur, the trick is to find and hire the most reputable agency. Because of this, we have transparently published our current customer opinions on the website. In addition, we would also like to share with you some tips on how to recognize a professional international link building agency.

First of all, it is about whether the agency offers an initial consultation at all and how extensive it is. At SEO Galaxy it is important that we always maintain good and friendly contacts with our customers, offer an excellent service (also in the initial consultation) and are not out to achieve only sales. For us, cooperation should take place at eye level, be transparent and offer you as a customer maximum added value.

It is also important to us that it can be explained why which measure is taken. It is also important to us to communicate what effects can be expected from the campaign and how it will be set up in the long term.

It is of great importance to us that no promises are made which we cannot keep. Link building and any other action in search engine optimization is unpredictable. There are no A-schemes which can be implemented to achieve a particular result. We use our experience with hundreds of implemented customer projects to select which measure will achieve the greatest, long-term and most important effect for you as of today.

You should stay away from a link building agency that uses plans or concepts from other projects for your own project. Each website is completely individual. Link packages and services, which are sold completely blind (without individual adjustment), are anything but serious.

You should also pay attention to these factors:

Are there already reviews about the service provider on the Internet?

Has the company already achieved success with its own projects?

Do you have your own portfolio of backlinks?

Are there any communications about the agency's executive director?

You should therefore carefully research which link building agency is the right one for you. A basis of trust between you and the agency is a prerequisite for a good and professional future cooperation to optimally strengthen your company.

Quality takes precedence over quantity

There is still the opinion that many links always bring a lot of benefit. However, this is not true, because the quantity of backlinks is irrelevant from a certain number. It depends solely on the quality, which is why one link from a premium source can bring more than, for example, five links from blogs that are maintained only irregularly.

Therefore, we at SEO Galaxy have specialized in the fact that we always prefer high-quality links and rather advise against buying a high amount of links. Visibility should increase continuously and the risk of being penalized must be minimized.

With our extensive portfolio of international links, we also regularly check the quality. Furthermore, we only highlight portals and magazines that will continue to perform in the future and will by no means degenerate into a link farm or similar at a later date.

We do not include dubious websites in our portfolio and should a website develop negatively later on, we will remove it as soon as possible. If you book a link with us, you don't have to worry about the quality. Especially not if we choose the links for you.

Conclusion: Successful SEO with SEO Galaxy - Your link building agency

You want to take the chance now and strengthen your business success significantly with an excellent visibility?
Then work with SEO Galaxy and experience professional link building at the highest level.

If you decide to do link building with SEO Galaxy,
then you have these advantages:


As a professional link building agency, we evaluate and assess your link profile. We will then check how links could affect the website and create a link building strategy based on this.


Our extensive portfolio for any website! This advantage is not insignificant, because we can actually find suitable websites for every topic. Thus, we also create a high degree of diversity and can ideally respond to your wishes.


Market-leading SEO tools: We use only the market leaders to check metrics of a domain, because they work the most accurate according to our experience. This allows us to precisely analyze the competition and other factors and implement measures for your success.


Linkbuilding outsourcing: Relax and lean back. Our link building experts will take care of the topics as well as the texts and research for you. You can sit back and watch your traffic grow continuously.

We can discuss the next steps with you personally!

With SEO Galaxy you have found a reputable link building agency, which attaches great importance to quality and excellent service. In a non-binding first meeting we can talk individually about your project and how you can generate even more sales and visibility.

The most frequently asked questions

How does linkbuilding work?

Link building is about gaining backlinks from external websites. But it is also about the fact that the websites fit thematically to each other. Your website gains authority through qualitative backlinks.

How can I set backlinks?

You can set backlinks in different ways. The easiest way is to book the links through an agency, since you will also receive the necessary texts. On the other hand, you can also do it yourself with the necessary know-how. However, experience is absolutely necessary, because you can also harm your website very much with it!

Why should I implement link building?

Link building is an important measure in search engine optimization, as it increases your potential visibility in search results. But before that, you have to make sure that the content on your website is perfect. Content is still king.

What are the link building costs?

The costs basically differ depending on the quality of the links and texts. However, a budget starting at 1,000€ per month can significantly boost both the visibility and the sales of your company.

We can provide you with an exact offer completely individually, depending on your situation and your possibilities. For a full service by us, however, a minimum budget of 2,000 € / month is required.

Please feel free to contact us!

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