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  • 3 months link guarantee

Why are forum links so important?

Forum links offer your link profile a kind of diversification. Your link profile looks much more natural with links from forums, and at the same time they ensure further trust with Google. A nice side effect: Through relevant forum contributions, you reach your target group and receive visitors and sales in addition to high-quality backlinks.

In Germany, links from forums are often considered "extinct" because forums have generally been disregarded and almost entirely replaced by Facebook groups. In addition, forums were also known for their poor moderation, but this has changed again in the meantime. A clear trend tendency can be seen.

These indirect factors offer forum links

Buy forum links and profit in the long term? That works! We will explain the indirect factors to you in the following.

Of course, there may be other advantages depending on the industry. If you would like to know how the forum links could affect you, please feel free to contact us.

Create hype:

You have the opportunity to create hype around your brand with forum links. Your brand will receive a lot of attention through the posts and this will also lead to traffic. It is possible that your link will spread from here. 

Generate hype (get out of the sandbox)

Diversification of link texts

Diversification of DoFollow and NoFollow ratio

Maintain or increase link speed

Effects also in terms of brand awareness

More traffic through well thought-out linking

What distinguishes forum links from SEO Galaxy?

SEO Galaxy stands not only for premium links in magazines, portals and blogs, but also for premium forum links since a few years. Link building in forums differs in some respects from other services.

The focus is on the needs of each client, so the effects and goals can vary. We can clarify which approach is best for you during an initial consultation.

Direct factors through link building in forums

Of course, there are also direct factors in link building in forums, which are not obvious at first glance. These are the following points:

All this takes place by posting links in forums. However, it is of course a prerequisite that the links are posted intelligently and at the right time. Our SEO experts know the right moments!

Direct traffic (more sales)

Advantages of a classic link

Increase brand awareness

Initiate discussions

Build authority

Become known by the target group

What are forum links anyway?

Forums are online platforms that serve to exchange opinions. Forums were the platforms with the most traffic at the beginning of the Internet, because social media channels like Facebook or Reddit did not yet exist. It was a way to consume content and even participate in discussions.

The number of forums was almost overwhelming at the time, with many of these forums still existing and generating traffic today. There is actually a forum for every topic, such as computers, construction, cooking, or movies. In addition, there are also forums on various hobbies.

Within the forum entries there is both the problem description and in the course of the discussion a problem solution, thus forum contributions are often also very highly ranked with Google, Bing and other search engines. Forums attach great importance to the fact that the entries largely consist of added value instead of contentless discussions. The "blame" for this is the Penguin update, which has made quality increasingly important.

How to set forum links?

This can be exploited by setting forum links. However, the link is never thrown "just like that" into the discussion, but within a text, which of course refers to the topic and possibly also solves the problem. The visitors read through these texts and click the link, because it is explicitly referred to or this is mentioned as a source. If the corresponding subpage has been prepared well, the probability of a purchase is also by no means low.

There is also a possibility that the prospect will google the brand (brand searches are a ranking factor). Google understands forums very well and can read them perfectly and utilize the information. This fact makes forums relevant for search engine optimization. You should use forum links for your website as well, but be careful in which forums you put the backlink. We have created a high quality portfolio with quality assurance exclusively for this purpose.

What is important when buying forum links?

Buying forum links is also about expertise, so you should always pay attention to the quality. Do not turn to platforms like Fiverr for forum links, but only to online marketing agencies. They can also advise you on whether you need forum links at all.

Setting suitable anchor texts

Link placement in context to the thread

Text around the link should provide added value

Forum profiles should already exist for a while

Profile should participate in discussions even without link

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