Build backlinks

How to generate high-quality and strong backlinks for your website

In this XXL Guide you will find various strategies and recommendations for your link building. Backlinks are still one of the most important ranking factors at Google, Bing & Co. - but how do I build the right backlinks for me and my web project(s)? You can find out now!

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What are backlinks?

Backlinks are references back to your website and show the search engine that it is relevant and trustworthy content.

Google, Bing and other search engines continue to view backlinks as a kind of recommendation. Through them, your website builds authority and gets better rankings in search engines.

However, backlinks are not the only thing that matters, as it is only one of the three most important ranking factors on Google. In this guide, you will learn how to implement sustainable link building, which rules to follow and which strategies are effective.

Overview: These are the backlink factors

Link building is a task which should only be done with knowledge in this field. It is not about building a lot of links, but the link-giving website is also of relevance to your own website. Therefore, building backlinks is also considered the supreme discipline in search engine optimization.

Of course, link building involves a lot of effort, because topic-relevant websites have to be discovered first. Then you need a concept how to get a backlink on this website, to which target URL it should point and with which anchor text (link text). With the search, selection of the target URL and the anchor text, we are happy to assist you with our backlink platform and link building agency.

In the end, it comes down to the following:

Quality instead of quantity

Find websites relevant to your topic

Elaborate text topic

Operator / Agency request

What is a backlink?

A backlink is a link that originates from another website and leads to your own. Search engines see the number (link popularity) and take into account its quality, this also outputs the ranking on Google and any other search engine.

There is a claim that this is no longer the case today. But this is not conditionally true, in the past especially the quantity of links was important, today it is the quality. The claim that links have no influence nowadays is not true, you can check this for yourself. You will never find a website with no links or only low-quality links in the top 5 for a contested search term.

In short, an inbound link is a recommendation for your content. This metric has evolved because you, as a website owner, cannot influence the links. For example, if your blog article is written about, you cannot have it deleted "just like that".

The search engines have become more and more intelligent in recent years and now also take the anchor text into account. The anchor text (also called link text) is the word or phrase behind which a backlink is located. In link building, particular attention should also be paid to using appropriate link texts.

The totality of backlinks is called a link profile. SEO tools can show which links have been set, with which attribute (for example DoFollow, NoFollow, Sponsored) and with which anchor text.

There are two types of linking that you can influence yourself (OnPage):


Internal linking

Linking content on the website to provide further information.


External linking

Links to other websites, which you place yourself in your content, for example to make a reference.

Link profile as a basis for evaluation?

In the early days, it was obvious that Google puts a lot of emphasis on the link profile through the PageRank algorithm. Meanwhile, Google is no longer so transparent and there is no information about how exactly backlinks are evaluated. The PageRank itself has also not existed for some time.

Backlink building can strengthen the authority of your website and at the same time your brand, additionally backlinks are an important factor in the E-A-T rating (Expertise-Authority-Trust) of your website. So you can think of links as being a vote for you to get a good ranking, as you are thus considered credible and helpful.

However, the respective "voice" is not of equal value, since one source, for example, is not as authoritative and well-known as another. A "high quality backlink" consists of various important factors, as you can see from the next point!

What is a high-quality backlink?

Each backlink has a certain value, this value results from the following and other factors:

  • Authority of the linking website
  • Relevance of the linking website to the topic
  • Position of the link (position in content, sidebar, footer, home page)
  • Anchor text (link text)
  • Reputation of the linking website (possibly it links to a lot of websites?)
  • In which context was the link mentioned?
  • Which websites were also linked?
  • Rel attributes (ugc, nofollow, sponsored)
  • ALT attribute (for an image link)
  • Google Disavow (was the link manually disavowed by me?)

This list shows how complex link building can become, but in principle the same scheme is used as when placing an advertising banner or a poster. No big luxury brand would place a poster in a bad environment. This scheme should also be applied to link building.

What are the types of backlinks?

There are different types of backlinks, it always depends on which medium is provided with the link target. As a rule, text links are set, i.e. a link which is set within a text section and is provided with an anchor text - the classic hyperlink.

In addition, there is the possibility that a graphic or a photo is linked, this form of presentation also has relevance in search engine optimization and also affects the ranking.

The essential influence of a link results from the attributes (DoFollow, NoFollow, UGC, Sponsored). If no attribute has been provided in an HTML document, for example, then this is automatically considered a DoFollow backlink.

Contrary to what many claim, the NoFollow backlink does have relevance. Until 2019, backlinks with this attribute were (officially) not included in Google's evaluation, but this has changed due to an update in the algorithm.

Of particular significance are social signals, which also represent NoFollow backlinks. This includes links which are posted on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, for example. The importance of this is low compared to a high-quality backlink, but this can still help to bring the entire link building strategy forward.

Infografik zu - Was macht einen guten Backlink aus?

Glossary: The most important terms in link building

If you deal with link building, then you will be confronted with various technical terms. In this guide, we will also use these terms and therefore I would like to counteract any question marks that may arise in advance. You can read more terms in our SEO lexicon (click here).

Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) or in German also called "Domainautorität", is a value which predicts the possible search engine placement. The Domain Authority Score carries the scale between 1 and 100, whereby a higher score is correspondingly better.

Various factors are taken into account, and this is summarized accordingly with a score. Among the factors of domain authority are domain and link popularity.

Overall, the score is an information that reflects the strength in the ranking. However, this statement is still not accurate, since it is not known how Google actually evaluates a domain. It could only be "approximate" to reality.

SEO tools list the Domain Authority with different terms. At Ahrefs this is called Domain Rating (DR), Majestic has split the value into Citation Flow and Trust Flow and SEMRush still calls it Authority Score. Only MOZ gives it as Domain Authority.


The term link building stands for link construction and describes a methodology in off-page optimization. The goal is that external links are generated, which then refer to the own website.

Link Juice

Link juice describes the strength that a page receives from an internal or external link. Link juice is essential to show the ranking potential of the linking page. This metric is used to get a top ranking in the search engine.

Link Velocity

Link velocity describes the speed at which new links are gained or lost. Google may also use this metric to determine if the link profile is being manipulated. Natural growth is one of the most important things in link building.

Backlink analysis: what should be avoided?

Build backlinks without having to fear anything? It's not quite that simple! Of course, there are also things in the backlink building, which should not happen under any circumstances. You should not accept every link and therefore perform a link profile analysis at regular intervals.

What are bad backlinks?

Bad backlinks are from websites that work against your actual goal. You should not use the following websites:

  • Websites without added value
  • Too many external links
  • No reference to the actual topic
  • Sells too many backlinks
  • Gives only backlinks, no "actual" content (short content)

Over time, you'll get a feel for which websites are more and less suitable. In the beginning, you'll have to rely more on SEO tools and guides (like this one).

Which websites are bad link sellers?

Every website shows signs of whether it is a professional or a bad link seller. This also determines the price. Criteria by which you can determine whether a site is suitable for a backlink to you would be, for example:

  • Is the website a (Wordpress) default theme?
  • Do all categories of the website fit the "actual" theme?
  • Are topics treated only superficially? Or are there specialized articles?
  • Are the articles shorter than 500 words?
  • Does internal linking happen among the content?
  • Does the site look like it was created by a machine?
  • Do the articles frequently link to Wikipedia?
  • Are companies possibly being discredited?
  • Are link texts set conspicuously "hard"?
  • Is there a foreign address in the imprint?
  • Do the contributions have interaction? (Comments, Likes, ...)
  • Does the website have active social media profiles?

If you can answer "yes" to all or part of the questions, you should take a closer look at the offer or leave the website, as it may do more harm than good.

However, all these points should always be seen in context. Just because a website has a foreign imprint or hardly any interaction does not mean that it is a dubious website and therefore a bad link seller.

You should always avoid websites if they are only there to sell guest posts (read: backlinks). Focusing only on these offers because of the price is absolutely not sustainable.

Build backlinks - but the right way!

Link building is a marathon and not a sprint. There is absolutely no metric that can show you when you will see the first successes. It always depends on which niche you are in and whether you already have a "brand", because an expert status helps you immensely in link building.

Overall, backlinks require a lot of patience and especially time to find the right links. Furthermore, high standards should be set, which are considered within the entire SEO strategy. The focus will always be on qualitative content and never on low-quality content, which may even come from a text spinning generator.

David Hahn Geschäftsführer SEO Galaxy

David Hahn:
"To achieve better and consistent results, it is especially worthwhile to invest in suitable SEO tools."

Use backlink checker

You should use a backlink checker, for example, to view links from your competitor and draw a conclusion for your own strategy. Without a link building tool, the work is simply not possible. For your strategy you should use tools like Majestic, SEMRush, Ahrefs (recommendation) or the Link Explorer from MOZ. There are certainly other tools that are suitable for this purpose.

If you don't have the capital to invest in a professional SEO tool, you should choose a free backlink checker instead of groping in the dark. There are also tools that provide a good overview and only limit in other functions.

Recommended in this respect are the queries at MOZ, Majestic, SEMRush, Openlinkprofiler and Seobility. The daily queries are accordingly provided with a limit.

A professional tool to check backlinks of your own website as well as to build backlinks should be a must.
This investment is worth it!

Competitor link analysis

If you find a website on position 1 in the search results, then this website has done a lot right. You can look at what the website owner has done to rank on this position. It should not be an imitation of the competition, it is about using the approaches and creating a perhaps even more coherent overall concept.

You can consider the following factors:

  • How many backlinks (referring domains) does the website have?
  • Which backlinks have been set?
  • Does the website have links that you don't have?

Regarding the third point, you can rebuild the links according to your strategy. In principle, it is important that you are also listed where your biggest competitors are listed. Google interprets from this that you belong to the "community".

This topic is so important that tools have also been formed from it. One such tool is the Backlink Gap from SEMRush, Majestic SEO Clique Hunter or Ahrefs Link Intersect. Also with our Backlink Plattform you have the possibility to check the backlink gap to your competitors in the future.

Build guest posts

Via the organic Google search you have the possibility to discover new websites, which would like to link you. You can search for "keyword + guest post" (or "guest article"). Most of the time you can also find such sites with "become a guest author".

These sites offer you a place for a professional article, but you have to write a high-quality article for it. Such methods are also used by the competition. Overall, however, it depends on the particular niche. Here, you should make sure to publish only on websites that already have traffic, are relevant to your website's topic and have good SEO metrics. Then you should definitely not miss this opportunity.

Create yellow pages

Business directories and web directories are the first step to improve your visibility. In principle, it is recommended for every company to be listed in these directories, because this may also lead to you generating organic traffic from them and perhaps even new customers.

The following directory types are relevant:

  • Local directories
  • Business directories
  • General web directories

You should be careful with the general web directories, because such links are often considered as spam. Use only well-known and reputable directories here.

How can I build backlinks?

Build backlinks without investing any time or money? This is only possible if content is created that offers a high degree of added value. This in turn means that it must be texts, graphics or videos of excellent quality. That's hard! But there are various possibilities, which we would like to show you now.

Create infographics for link building

A linkable asset is content that is worth linking to. This content is created solely for the purpose of being linked to. This content usually revolves exclusively around "informational keywords". For these keywords, the focus is on information. The user's search intention is to be educated about a topic and less about buying a product or service.

Linkable assets would be, for example, statistics that have been graphically prepared and are thus willingly linked or even published on another website. However, these statistics should be relevant - secondary information should not necessarily be shown in them. The linkable asset should trigger an "aha" effect, so to speak.

Infographics make the content more exciting and "unique" because not every website has that. The chances of linking become much higher with it.

Since we also want to build backlinks with this post, you can find a matching infographic to our blog post here (as we just showed you too). Definitely worth linking, right? ;)

Infografik zum Thema Backlinks

The 10 most important facts about backlinks you should know - click on the image to view it larger.

If you are a publisher yourself and also write on the topic of SEO / marketing / business or similar, feel free to include the graphic on your page! You can simply copy the code below and paste it via HTML.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" width="500"></a><br/><span style="font-size: 12px;">(via <a href=""></a>)</span>

Publish technical papers

Surely you will present content on your website, which should also be linked. That is, content that has been created over time, for example, in the blog. For this to happen, you should always ask yourself whether this blog article even offers a solution or is worth sharing.

It is therefore necessary to develop a content strategy, whereby content is delivered that is expected by the target group:

Quizzes or raffles

Calculator (volume, +/-, ...)

Top lists for entertainment


Innovative contributions

Contributions with added value

A perfect example of this is our post "30 statistics that show link building is not to be neglected". Here we list 30 SEO / backlink statistics that have been compiled from various sources, including studies, surveys & Co. Such a post is a linkable asset and is gladly linked as a source / support to various theses - and we are happy about it!

Creating this content is easy, but later updating this content again is a big challenge. Content is created once and then very often "left" for months and even years. That's why it's important that you review and update this content at regular intervals.

Find your own content

Content from you may have already been shared without you knowing it. This is always the case when there is no linking. Images, infographics or your YouTube videos may have been shared without "thanking" you with a link. You should search for your content on the internet and make the owner aware that he should link after all - another free backlink!

Mostly, the content is given with source information like "Source: SEO Galaxy", but just without a link. You can find such links by searching Google for "brand". This will show you all the websites that have mentioned your website or brand.

Outreach for new guest posts

Publishing guest posts is primarily not only useful for your link profile, but also for your brand or name (keyword: building expert status). More traffic is generated via the guest posts.

Acquisition on autopilot

If you have the right landing pages, then you also need to contact the webmaster. However, writing a new email for each page is a challenge. You will do yourself a favor with GMass, because with it you can send cold-call emails at certain intervals and even retrieve tracking reports.

Locate target pages

With the Skyscraper technique you can find target pages. You can specify before starting that you want to have, for example, all relevant websites from the "Health" section. After a short moment you will get a list of all relevant websites. You can then write to them and ask for a link.

Site search

A proper site search is first about evaluating the domain. Authority, topic relevance, outbound links and especially traffic play a role. Especially the relevance is a factor that is crucial for the success of the backlink.
The only exceptions are always when the website has no thematic relevance, which is the case, for example, with a national or regional newspaper or news blogs of any kind. Local sites of this kind are even important, because after all there is also the Local SEO.

Check metrics of the landing page

Whether a website is eligible for link placement should be determined by checking the metrics. That would be first and foremost the authority. At Ahrefs, there is the already mentioned "Domain Rating", which gives you a first assessment of whether the page is strong enough.

Now you have to check if it is a "link slinger". Your link should not be one among many, but should have a certain quality. You can also analyze the outgoing links.

The analysis will also show you which pages have been linked - maybe even erotic or gambling pages? Maybe this does not fit to your website topic and would be "Bad Neigbouhrhood".

Another indicator for the success of a website is the traffic. With SimilarWeb you can check if the linking website has traffic. If the website has no visitors, then linking is less helpful - especially for the future. You won't get the "correct" visitor numbers from these tools, but you will get a fairly reliable estimate.

Favor blogs, newspapers and the like whose reputation is not to publish paid guest articles. The harder a backlink is to get, the more valuable the backlink is.

With small and new blogs you will almost always be able to publish content, but with blogs of brands or celebrities it is an art. The text must be so good that it would be very difficult for the responsible people to reject it.

Get free backlinks: How does a text really get published?

A text will only be published if it is really good - unless the webmaster does not attach importance to this. Low quality content should not be your focus. Use these three factors to drastically increase your publication rate:

Good topic - best from a niche

Text fits the website and has an excellent structure

Build relationships with the editorial team

Acquisition via e-mail for article publication

Outreach mails are sent to get a link on the desired website. In a previous paragraph, I already pointed out that GMass can be used to send outreach mails on a wide scale. Now it is a question of how the "correct" e-mail is written. The main point here is to make the e-mail as personal as possible.

Finding the right timing

Timing is important when sending e-mails, because e-mails that are sent in the morning are usually lost. The inbox of an editorial office is often full of all kinds of inquiries or feedback from readers. These are processed first in the morning.

Around noon, we have found that this is the time with the best response rate. Mail tools like GMass have the option to send emails at a certain time first, so you can prepare everything in peace.

Create reference to the website

If it is a well-known website, then it enjoys corresponding authority. The operators of such a website do not like to receive cooperation emails. So you should first make sure that your name is familiar. This is possible if you comment on the articles on the website, become active in their social media channels or give feedback via email. Especially for smaller websites, this is very effective.

Do not use contact forms

It is not easy to find the right contact, but you can find a contact form on every website - but you should not use it. You are then one request among many.

If possible, you should contact the right person directly. You can find these people by researching XING or LinkedIn and also by using an email address finder such as

Contacting - if then, perfect!

In the first contact via e-mail, you must provide a certain added value, because otherwise the possible cooperation becomes just one request of many. You could give feedback on an existing article that is not necessarily complete or note that a link in the text no longer works and you have a suitable replacement.

On the other hand, you can also indicate your expertise and offer to expand the article, as you can provide another perspective. It is important here to already send concrete suggestions or in the best case already send the extension.

Experience has shown that it can take up to five working days before a response can be expected. You should therefore not ask after one day when you can expect an answer.

Email personalization

If an e-mail looks like it could apply to anyone, then it is easy for the operator to simply delete this mail. If you want the mail to be read and responded to, then you need to convince with individuality in every request. We recommend that you create an e-mail template that you can then personalize. The most important components are those listed here:

Matching theme suggestions

Do not stand out with compliments

Personal address

Convincing story

Clear subject line

No spelling or grammatical errors

The point is to personalize the research and explain credibly in the message what the concrete added value is for the publisher at the end of this cooperation. You should also go into why this particular publisher deserves an email and not the competition, which probably consists of hundreds or thousands of websites.

Important in this regard that it comes to social proof. You can describe what the article might look like for this site. A sympathetic email with suggestions will enhance the request and every publisher will thus be happy to answer your email.

Content and formats as a selling point

If you want to place an article on a website, then you are basically selling a text. It is different if you want to pay the operator (keyword: link purchase). The sales argument without payment is therefore the content.

What does that mean in this case? You have to have better content than the competition currently has. This is not an easy task and certainly not little work. The content must both convince the operator and have the chance to be ranked on page 1.

For this, you need to look at what text content performs. Boring are typical articles with introduction, main part and conclusion. There are other possibilities with images, diagrams, checklists or even templates for download and online tools. This content can be easily linked.

Case studies and research findings

If you have the opportunity to publish your own case studies or research results, then you are sitting on a gold mine, so to speak. Surveys from large companies or results from a successful marketing campaign generate interest and thus potential for plenty of backlinks.

Otherwise, they are also lists that are frequently clicked. In case of publishing results, for example, you can choose the title "My 5 findings after this successful marketing campaign" or something similar. If you search for such lists in a search engine, you will surely find a lot of inspiration.

How to place a backlink perfectly?

Already written the article? Then you can now find a smart link placement.
First of all you have to consider the following:

Choose a meaningful link text, this is also important for the Google crawler.

The link should fit the context of the text (not at the end or on the page).

Place backlink as DoFollow link if possible (Recommended).

Use the keyword of the linked page again in the sentence before or after the link.

A smart place would be if the link at the same time literally catches the eye and cannot be skimmed. It may be a good idea to place the link within a list. Lists are always read and surely you will find a point in which you can link to your website.

Bad and good link text optimization

Poor optimization of link texts always exists when the link is set inappropriately. The link text should contain the relevant keywords, but it is harmful when permanently linking with the same anchor text or the same type of anchor texts. The solution is to vary the anchor texts and also add natural words instead of just the brand name, for example.

Suitable anchor texts for this article would be:

  • Build Backlinks
  • shows this backlink guide
  • at
  • Tips to build backlinks
  • this link building guide from SEO Galaxy

How long does it take for a backlink to work effectively?

Link building is a task of patience, even when it comes to when the first effects from it can be determined. When does a backlink have an effect? You will always find different information about this. Our experience shows that it is very difficult to give a general answer to this question. Individual factors play a big role, especially the crawling of Google itself.

If your website is already in the top 10 for a frequently searched keyword and your website also has a generally high visitor volume, then it will be crawled more often than a website that is in 90th place, for example. Thus, a backlink is also included in the evaluation faster than a backlink from a website with few visitors and a target URL with even fewer visitors.

In our experience, a backlink takes effect in a period of 14 days - 60 days, where ranking increases can be seen.
A complete effect and unfolding of the backlink can be seen in a period of 90 - 120 days.

Important: The effect of a backlink depends very individually on the industry, search volume, website traffic and also crawling.

Biggest jumps with non-optimized link profile

If the link profile looks like it has never been optimized, then it is safe to assume that the jumps will be large. In the back search results, jumps of 10 to 20 places per day can be possible. However, at the latest when reaching the top 15, the jumps will be smaller. This is where the strong websites can be found, which also have plenty of qualitative links in their link profile.

Volatility in search results

In many niches, something changes almost every day - here, fast-moving is a hallmark. It's about showing that your website is the best user experience and visitors perform actions on the website and get their solution to the search query.

In other niches, trust is again more important than any other factor. A well-known lawyer can almost sit back due to his long-lasting activity and optimized link profile, as no one will take away the number 1 position in local search results anytime soon.

Use trust

Trust is the foundation of any website! People trust Google not to land them on a website with illegal content. Google does not want to gamble with the good reputation and has therefore introduced E-A-T. It's about keeping a clean slate and never putting Google's trust at stake.

But how is trust gained? It is already done with the basic information:

Respond expeditiously to comments.

No anonymous publications, but with clear names and preferably with author profile

Don't use the first best sources for content.

Especially the third point is relevant, because content with many professional sources and on a current status always ranks better than content with sources, which everyone uses. This in turn shows how important backlinks are for your own ranking.

Google E-A-T stands for Expertise - Authority - Trustworthiness.
Translated: Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness.
Google uses this term to describe three core elements when it comes to evaluating a website.

Keeping published content up to date

The users' search intention is to get the latest content. News portals must therefore deliver new content every day and cannot afford to take a break for a few days or weeks.

In the case of an entrepreneur for recycling, on the other hand, fast-moving topics do not exist. An article published now will probably still be current in a year's time. Passages may need to be updated to current machinery or the like. However, it is not as explosive as it would be for news portals.

A news portal will get more backlinks (the quantity is important here), the recycling entrepreneur in turn needs especially qualitative backlinks.

Comparison to the competition: What can you do better?

SEO backlink building is also about how strong the competition is - this should be regularly compared and also observed. If the competition has a large stock of quality backlinks, then a single top backlink for your website will have little impact. In this case you should continuously set backlinks - but this should be done sensibly and professionally and best with the help of a link building agency like SEO Galaxy.

Differences between individual types of websites

Depending on the type of website, other strategies for link placement are necessary. It is so that on commercial projects rather the fewest owners of a website want to link, which also online stores fall under. Here, there are other things to consider than with a conventional website, which merely reproduces information.

Start product comparisons

When a new product model is released, it is a good idea to compare the previous and the latest product generation. This would be a corresponding added value, which webmasters also like to link to. In addition, the chance of natural linking increases, especially because this also covers all "compare" keywords.

Provide tools

Small tools for online use or download are in demand and can lead to a lot of natural backlinks following. An online store for rechargeable batteries could provide a tool to check which capacity the battery still has. If the battery is in poor condition, then again, the right battery can be offered for sale. Market leaders use such tools massively to increase sales and to be able to generate backlinks.

Join a community

As an operator of an online store or a similar commercial offer, it is imperative to create sympathy. But how does this come about? That is quite simple, if one looks beyond the edge of one's nose. Questions about your own niche can be answered on question-answer portals (forum links). With our service you can easily buy forum links (<- click here) and have our expert answer questions in relevant forums.

At the same time, articles can be written for magazines or for blogs. Of course, parallel to this should also be spent in blog comments. Another option would be to create a YouTube channel in addition. In this way, the company becomes a part of the community.

The ultimate goal would be to have an entire niche associated with the brand. Brand searches are becoming more and more important - but no one can Google your brand if it doesn't "actually" exist.

Create greater added value

If the offer consists only of commercial content, then it must be counteracted there. In this case, it would make sense for search engine optimization to create a lexicon. Explanations of terms or processes from the industry can be recorded in it, for example.

Page operators like to link to a lexicon, since they do not have to explain a term themselves, which could also disturb the reading flow. In addition, organic rankings are achieved, which results in traffic and consequently also sales.

What are the most common mistakes?

The most common mistakes in link building result from ignorance. With this link building guide you are very well advised, but you could still make mistakes, because this area is extremely extensive and depending on the industry also one or the other information varies. Therefore, we have summarized here which mistakes are made most often.

Direct link exchange

The direct link exchange was a very common method in former times, which is no longer in demand nowadays, because it has only disadvantages. Google deals with it openly: Reciprocal linking is to be avoided, which is stated in the webmaster guidelines. The behavior will be penalized and that even if both sides enjoy a high authority and both deal with a similar topic.

Poor selection of link sources

If websites are selected for the OffPage strategy, then it should be ensured that these also fit compellingly to the own project.
There are mistakes, which are to be avoided in principle. These include, among others:

  • Website without added value and looks "listless", posts have a maximum of 350 words.
  • Websites which have been created only for link building.
  • Website has particularly many links, these are then considered a "link farm".
  • No thematic relevance (not even close).

Backlinks from non-indexed pages

There are websites that have been removed from the index because there is a virus on them or because there is content on them that violates valid law. A link from this page is not only toxic, but also leads to the fact that this link has no influence on the ranking.

PBN links

A PBN link is a reference that comes from a "Private Blog Network". A PBN is a collection of websites that only serve to generate backlinks and maximize link juice. The point here is to get the maximum, without a huge time and financial investment. It is a "black hat SEO" method.

Only with experience should PBN links be used - but there is a problem here too. If the PBN is not self-managed, it could be a ticking time bomb, because your website could be in a toxic environment without you noticing it as a webmaster.

David Hahn, sitzend auf der Treppe

David Hahn (Managing Director):

"Like SEO, link building is not a sprint, but a marathon. We focus on quality over quantity to ensure your success for sure. "

Bulk link packages

If you read up on the topic of link building, you will quickly notice mass packages. On some platforms, you can get 100 links for as little as 15 euros. These packages do not provide any benefit - quite the opposite. In most cases, they will do more harm than good in the long run.

Links from foreign websites

Unless you have foreign language content, it does not make sense to build foreign links. In Germany, backlinks are on average somewhat more expensive than in other countries, so many develop this temptation. However, backlinks only bring an effect if there is actually foreign language content.

What are the reasons for building backlinks?

Because the topic is so extensive, there are still some factors, features and advantages that have not been mentioned in this guide (yet). Therefore, we have summarized all the advantages again for you here:

Backlinks have come to stay.
Backlinks continue to enjoy great relevance, this will not change in the future.

Core updates have additionally strengthened the relevance of backlinks in recent years, as it was observed that websites with authority (strong link profile) hardly fell in the rankings.

Link buying remains an effective and scalable method, especially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Link buying is free from risk if done right.
Our SEO Galaxy platform is one of the ways to strengthen the link profile.

Link building is relevant for every entrepreneur, this increases the visibility of their own website, it ensteht more traffic and also sales.

How to get the maximum effectiveness out of it?

There are still some tips and tricks, which we implement for our customers as OffPage SEO agency.
A small part of these methods we would like to share publicly here.

Generate Brand Searches

When the article is published, it takes some time for it to be indexed. You can create the text and linking so that people are interested in your brand, which in turn leads to brand searches. This is of great importance because it creates a little hype around the brand and your authority is strengthened.

Link (let link) on social media

On the website's own social media channels, guest articles should be linked, because this article will also be indexed more quickly. In addition, there are other positive effects, because customers and prospects see that you (or your brand) are in the conversation.

Expert status for authors

Building an expert status as an author is not as complicated as it is often made out to be. The trustworthiness of a website results from the E-A-T factors. The sensitive topics such as health, law and finance especially require an expert status, as they deal with really sensitive content. The status for an author can be built up by mentioning the author in the guest article.

Build hype

You can build hype via content links and PR links and make more media jump on the topic and your brand. Creating this situation is not easy, but it has a powerful effect.

At the end of this strategy, you will have more natural backlinks and brand searches. For hype, you need authority links that users scatter, or mentions in small magazines and articles in the trade press.

Making sales growth predictable

For projects that have already existed for some time, money keywords have developed in the top 5 or top 10. If this strategy works, you can now generate a predictable revenue and buy backlinks.

For this method, you need to know the respective search volume and visitor numbers, find out the current conversion rate and create different situations.

For example, if you are currently listed in 5th place for a money keyword, you will receive 50 visitors to the website per month, three of whom will become buyers and generate a total of 600 euros in sales.

In comparison, position 4 receives 100 visitors from this search volume. Since you know this, you will now try to buy a content link at a price of, for example, 1,000 euros, so that you can generate twice the traffic and with it twice the sales.

Now you have done it - you are on position 4, you get 100 visitors from this keyword and six of them become buyers - a turnover of 1,200 euros results.

But if you now see that positions 1 and 2 account for over 900 visitors, then you will want to reach this goal. After all, the amount invested in content links pays for itself quickly. You know how much you have to invest and how much revenue the optimization of the Google ranking will bring you in the next few months.

Build backlinks for the backlink - Secret professional strategy

The effect of backlinks can be multiplied by building backlinks for the respective guest post in turn. For the so-called tier-2 links, especially favorable content pages, forum links or press links are used. With these links, the tier-1 links can then be strengthened.

Tiered Linkbuilding Infografik

Build social proof

There are countless websites and online stores - but which ones are really trustworthy? Of course, only those that are also talked about. Mentions or professional articles should be listed as a reference on your own website. All this strengthens the trustworthiness so that a customer would be more likely to buy.

At SEO Galaxy we can assist you with all of the above steps and together we will develop a strategy to most effectively achieve your goals.

Conclusion about building backlinks - when do you start?

Anyone can build backlinks with these strategies! It's worth it, as the results of hundreds of our customers show. Link building is one of the most powerful strategies, which is why you should certainly consider this method for your business.

But not everyone can implement these strategies, because maybe time or even know-how is missing. As a company, you can buy the time of an agency so that experts take care of this matter. With SEO Galaxy you have the #1 backlink agency on your side!

Backlinks allow you as an entrepreneur to grow further and maybe even predictable, while you do not leave your competitors the place in the search results. You as an entrepreneur are even obliged to build up the company further - we help you with our SEO Galaxy platform or our full service with a clean, sustainable and successful effect!

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How can I set backlinks?

You can set a backlink by placing an ordinary hyperlink in your article
or on a subpage of your website. A backlink could also be a
forum link or a link from a Q&A portal.

What are high quality backlinks?

High quality backlinks have different link texts and also consist of natural words - a natural variation is essential. High quality backlinks are also links that come from authoritative sources (strong websites).

What are the benefits of backlinks?

Backlinks can provide for a better ranking in the search results, but also generate traffic, which can result in new customers.

Can you buy backlinks?

Often it is not easy to generate a backlink from a very strong website. A
backlink can therefore also be bought.

How important are backlinks in 2022?

Backlinks are still as important in 2022 as they ever were. The Internet consists only of links and therefore this will remain one of the most important factors in search engine optimization.

What is meant by backlinks?

A backlink is an external link that a website operator has set, for example,  because there is further information on its own page.

When do backlinks work?

When backlinks work varies, sometimes it can take weeks and months until  an effect becomes apparent. It also depends on the indexing of the search engine crawler.

Can you build backlinks for free?

Building backlinks for free is possible, but associated with a lot of patience, work and possibly defeats. Especially from premium sites a high quality backlink is very difficult to generate.

What is a good backlink?

A good backlink must give the impression that it has been acquired completely naturally. The background here is that the Google guidelines prohibit "bought" or "exchanged" links. So always ask yourself whether the backlink looks like a purchased one. If this is not the case, then it is a "good" backlink.

What are YouTube Backlinks?

To get a YouTube backlink, you must have your own content on the video platform. The users then get to your page from the video description (or from the comments). The backlink does not provide trust or even link juice, but only traffic.

Which backlinks does my page have?

You can check the current backlinks on your page if you use a so-called backlink checker. There are also free tools for this, such as Seobility or SEO-United.

How important are backlinks for SEO?

Backlinks are an important ranking factor, because the links are seen as a recommendation by Google.
For search engine optimization (SEO), this is therefore one of the most important factors.

What are SEO links?

"SEO links" are links that are not set for traffic reasons, but in order to be able to better place one's own website in the search results.

What exactly is a backlink?

A backlink is the currency of search engines and represents a recommendation for one's own website.

 Good backlinks are worth more than hundreds of bad links.

How to evaluate backlinks?

A backlink is evaluated primarily on the basis of DA (Domain Authority) and Trust. But not only that, it is also about the relevance of the topic to the own website, the content, the bounce rate and the link profile of the link source.

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